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Feel free to add me. Especially if you like 24, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Community, Modern Family, etc.

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Hm. So, I haven't said anything on ep 7 and I rewatched it last night. This...isn't about the entire episode.

Family - spoilers for 24 6x07 )

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So, obviously I watched 24 Monday.

5x08 - Jack and Autonomy )

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Okay, as mentioned in my previous entry, I made an FL cut today.

It's really nothing personal, just don't have time to read everyone and for some reason we just never talked much. Or we don't have much in common anymore.

I've been meaning to do that for a while.

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I wrote fic...and it's not about Milliways.

Title: Yizkor
Author: Catch22Girl
Summary: Sarah was the good Jew. Post-s3
Disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.
Note: Yizkor translates to "may He remember" - Prayers said on 4 occassions during the year in honor of the dead.

Sarah was the good Jew. She went to temple while Adam studied and practiced Torah while Adam played Sega. After his 13th birthday, Adam went non-practicing and only had his Bar Mitzvah because of the presents and chances for large checks. Sarah, however, kept attending temple. It made their mom, a cantor at a local reform synagogue, very happy. Adam's non-practicing status did not stop his mom from leaving answering machine messages or e-mails about how she hoped to see him this week at services.

He was dating a Catholic girl at the time of Sarah's death, Mary, who took him to church with her the Sunday after everything. But he didn't feel anything. Even through the funeral he was stoic, putting his arm around his mom, reciting his memories of Sarah, watching her husband throw in the first shovel of dirt.

It wasn't until Yom Kippur, when his mom lit the Yahrzeit candle for Sarah next to the one for his grandfather that the reality of her death set in. Next morning, he went to temple with his dad, the first time he'd attended a high holy day service in years. And as he went through the day of prayer and atonement, he confessed his own sins and admitted to himself that he felt partly responsible for Sarah's death. As he said the prayer for martyrs, he included everyone that died, regardless of blood or religious affiliation.

Last night his mother took out a third candle. "This is for those that died in the hotel," she whispered to him, lighting the match and saying a few words in Hebrew.

"I won't forget," Adam said in return.
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I blame this one on Bridget.

Title: Late in the Game
Author: Catch22Girl
Spoilers: 4x24
Summary: A near-death experience.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, belong to FOX and Real Time Productions. Title and song mentioned in story is "Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke. Lyrics can be found here.

Jack needed to time it perfectly. )
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Even though everyone (and their mother and sister and possibly brother) did this a while ago - I'm slow.

So, request a ficlet! Give me a character and a situation or a quote. I'm most comfortable with 24 and 24Milliverse.

I've got a long car ride tomorrow so lots of writing time.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kcountess!

And a birthday fic.

Title: Nobody's Warm
Author: Catch22girl
Spoilers: 4x24
Summary: Kim gets some news.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, they belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

Note: Birthday fic for Karen. Happy birthday!

"ice has covered up my parents eyes, don't know how to see, don't know how to cry.
growin' up in some strange storm, nobody's cold, nobody's warm."

-The Arcade Fire, Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Kim heard two things as she walked into the living room.... )
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Title: A Contender
Author: catch22girl
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tony/Michelle
Spoilers: Up to 4x20
Summary: The morning after.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to FOX and Real Time Productions, just borrowing them.

Note: Completely un-betaed. Birthday Fic for Steph - Probably AU after 4x20. Happy birthday dear!!

Yesterday morning, Tony had stumbled into the house and collapsed on the couch... )
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I think you all know the drill.

Great episode for capping. Also there are three sub-albums.

Username: Catch22Girl

PW: Rachel

Direct link to screencaps: 4x14 Screencaps

Samples under cut.

4x14 Screencaps - samples - image heavy )

Please credit if using. Icon by [ profile] _dernhelm.

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And to prove that I've now seen the first four eps a few too many times...I was talking to [ profile] kcountess about how people kept switching between Jack and Bauer when referring to him in this season. And I realized that it had to do with familiarity/respect.

Then, I documented it.'s a short list. I also included moments when someone at CTU actually DID something that helped in some way. In documenting these rare occasions I realized the only person at CTU other than Chloe to actually accomplish anything was Sarah. Surprising.

spoilers for 7-11 AM )

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After watching 6-7 AM I got inspired to write a ficlet about Michelle and Tony post season three (including TV guide spoilers).

Season 4 spoilers - Michellefic )
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I removed a few people from my FL today. I'm sorry but we never really clicked.

My computer might be dying. The screen is dimming for no reason, it just made a weird creaking noise and the left hand side has a vague pink tinge.

[ profile] fujieda made the prettiest new icons. Nina and interrogation room!

I saw Meet the Fockers yesterday. It was really funny. I recommend it. I'm also highly amused that apparently the best name for any CIA agent is Jack.
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Merry Christmas babe! Hope you have a fantastic day.



She wanted Jack/Chase this is -- sorta Jack/Chase. Inspired by the song "Noose".

Title: Decisions
Author: catch22girl
Spoilers: s4 Prequel
Summary: Post-s3. Chase goes to check on Jack.
Disclaimer: Not mine, characters belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

At first glance, Jack seemed harmless. )
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Kiera wanted well she gave me quite a few options but only one really came to mind.


<333333 Merry Christmas sweetie. I hope you had a better night and enjoy this fic. Next year maybe I'll come and visit.

Much love,

Title: Waiting For a Hero
Author: catch22girl
Spoilers: s4 promos
Summary: Pre-s4. An intimate moment. Gift fic for Kiera.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. They belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

Jack's chest was marked with scars )

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Early holiday fic for Yvonne but since she wasn't feeling well earlier this week I thought she could use it.

She wanted Jack/Kate, Christmas before Mexico. This is...close to that.


<33333 Hope you have an excellent rest of December and an even better next year.

Much love,


Title: Last Christmas
Author: Catch22Girl
Summary: It's Christmas and Kate is trying to ignore the signs. Gift fic for Yvonne.
Disclaimer: Not mine, belong to FOX and Real Time Productions

Thanks to the hivemind. This is pretty much unbeta'd so...all mistakes are mine.

Are you alone this year, Kate? )
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Merry Christmas Dear! I hope you like it.




Title: Blue Christmas
Author: Catch22girl
Summary: Christmas during the separation. Pre-s1. A gift for Steph.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

Blue Christmas... )
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So, yeah, based on those new spoilers. Speculation and character study.

New Season Four Ficlet - SPOILERS )
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I hope she doesn't mind but after reading [ profile] midgewood58's excellent fic "Cowboys", I got a plot bunny for a Kim companion piece. Her story and this one are both based on a deleted scene from 3x22.

So, this is Kim and it's pre and post-Cowboys.

Title: Inheritance
Author: Catch22Girl
Fandom: 24
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While mourning for the dead Kim learns the worst isn't over.
Disclaimer: Not mine, these characters belong to Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, Real Time Productions and FOX.

Kim was listening to the exchange when she heard a gunshot... )
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I love you guys and holiday season is coming up's a fun poll!

Answers only viewable to me.

[Poll #396809]

Off to have dinner or something. Icon by scintille. Aw, Chrismukkah.
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