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Date Created:03/22/02
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Catch22Girl lives near New York City. She works in market research and spends a lot of time in a cubicle. Her interests include writing, reading, the book industry, television production, film history, and other media related things. She is extremely liberal and devoted to stopping the spread of extremism in America.
Strengths: Able to cover many topics in any conversation, intelligent and warm-hearted, can cheer up most people, strong willed but not stubborn, very detail oriented, good at analysis, can cut to the heart of most situations, fic writing, loyalty.
Weaknesses: Not good at hand-to-hand combat, can be easily hurt but tries to hide it, major problems with procrastination, anything 24 related, hot men with brains, leather jackets, carbs, can be quick tempered but easily forgives, is very cranky when she doesn't sleep, tends to suffer from lack of faith in own abilities, doesn't trust many people, low confidence, insomnia.
Special Skills: analyzing data, reading quickly, analyzing film and tv, making people feel better, creating bizarre inside jokes, writing things that make people cry, cheering people on.
Weapons: Contagious smile, insanity, pom-poms, inner-Jewish Mother, persistence.
People who tick me off: writers who don't do enough research, hypocrites, attention whores, posers, the right-wing media, people who use "u" for "you", people who hurt my friends, people who make up their own facts in a debate, global warming skeptics, the religious right, republican lawmakers who put party and power above country (so pretty much all of them).

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