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And to prove that I've now seen the first four eps a few too many times...I was talking to [ profile] kcountess about how people kept switching between Jack and Bauer when referring to him in this season. And I realized that it had to do with familiarity/respect.

Then, I documented it.'s a short list. I also included moments when someone at CTU actually DID something that helped in some way. In documenting these rare occasions I realized the only person at CTU other than Chloe to actually accomplish anything was Sarah. Surprising.

Hee. 7-11. Um, anyway...

At the beginning before their meeting Erin refers to him as Jack. Sarah manages to find Maurice.

After Driscoll lets Jack into the field Ronnie refers to him as Bauer almost exclusively. So this might be a respect/knowledge thing and somehow using someone's last name only is not respectful. I can't quite explain that. But I think it's also a familiarity thing in that people who know him refer to him as Jack and everyone else distances themselves. But I'm not sure.

Chloe always calls him and refers to him as Jack if she's not using his full name.

After Jack goes "rogue" Erin starts referring to him as Bauer.

Later, Marianne refers to him as Bauer as in "I thought Bauer didn't even work here..." - but it's surprising that she even knew he existed. Unless his name turns up in watercool talk often. And judging from Sarah's "oh" in ep 1, that's not such a far fetched assumption.

In the fourth episode, Erin and Curtis are talking upstairs and refer to him as Bauer. When Erin tries to get Sarah to track Chloe she refers to him as Bauer as well. Edgar when talking about finding him refers to him as Bauer. Then, there's an odd moment where Sarah refers to him as Jack and Edgar answers "why would Jack contact Chloe?"

Oh and Sarah found the cell phone call. And really...that's it for helpful actions from CTU.

Also, and I'm so the only one so no one should agree - lol - Jack seems so different to me this season! Like, so weird to watch his interactions with people and while rewatching these eps I realized that he was still very guarded in his emotions and part of the weirdness is that I've never seen him in this role. Er, I mean, when we were introduced he was married and the entire plot of s1 was with his wife and kid. Then, in season two he's a grieving widower trying to make things right with his daughter and then in season three he was a drug addict who was trying to maintain his relationship with his daughter and had decided to not have any romantic involvements at all.

But season four? He's falling in love. He has a completely different job (and I'm trying not to think that he's a Republican, really, I don't care if he's a fictional character - lol). His daughter's out of the picture, so we no longer have that "father" identity (and I just realized that anyone watching this series for the first time without reading reviews might have no clue who Kim and Chase ARE) . But, with all these new people and new interactions it IS different and it has put him into situations I've never seen before on screen. But the other thing is that, and again this is probably my own personal political beliefs...see, this is where I'm having a problem. I like Heller, I do, which I didn't think I would. But, as most of you know I feel that our government has committed war crimes and has started an illegal war so although I think kidnapping and killing is wrong wrong wrong wrong I can't really feel that the entire idea of trying someone is such a bad idea. So, to me at least, the threat of them killing Heller isn't as large as say...a nuclear bomb. And I really wish they would just let Jack say that he's really doing this to find the one woman he's loved since he held his wife's dying body in his arms. Because this whole "We'll find Heller" thing, just isn't enough of a threat for me to feel that his actions are entirely justified.

Also the expression on his face when Audrey's kidnapped? Not all that dissimilar to his expression when Chase was brought into the Salazars.

And don't read the TV Guide blurb. And I don't remember having this much to say about the early eps of season three. LOL.

New icon by [ profile] kuh. Heh. Internets.

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Date: 2005-01-13 03:41 pm (UTC)
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I don't think we are supposed to compare real politics with the politics of 24. Also not the different parties. We do absolutely know nothing about the world they are living in. It's making asumptions without enough information. That's why the don't emphasize on party names for example. 24 is not the real world. ;)

And for Jack, I don't know, but I don't think it's important to him to belong to one. He believes in what he thinks it's right or wrong. *g*

Oh, and that scene where Heller first talks with Keeler on the phone? He seemed pretty much annoyed. I actually don't think he likes the president that much. But maybe I'm just interpreting too much into that tiny moment. ;)

Date: 2005-01-13 03:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Err, the blackmailing thing - you are right. Well, I didn't say I like Keeler. ;)

Yeah, I mean, what kind of trouble could the Sec of Defense have gotten into over the past however long he was in office?

Not much. But maybe before that? His bio on the official site is very long. But I expect insufficent reasons for the trial. I'm very curious. If they ever tell us.

He seemed annoyed 'cause Keeler wanted him back in DC. I need to rewatch that, lol.

No, I mean that scene before they reach Richard's house. When he calls the first time and they talk about if the should raise the alert level. Keeler says he will talk with some other people about it to see if they agree. To me it seems Keeler doesn't listen to Heller as much as he should...

Date: 2005-01-13 04:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
. . . I can't really feel that the entire idea of trying someone is such a bad idea.

Even when such a trial is merely a formality and an excuse to kill him because obviously these people have no intention of giving him a FAIR trial?

[/humanitarian thing] ;)

Date: 2005-01-13 06:06 pm (UTC)
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