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Dec. 16th, 2004 09:27 pm
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Kiera wanted well she gave me quite a few options but only one really came to mind.


<333333 Merry Christmas sweetie. I hope you had a better night and enjoy this fic. Next year maybe I'll come and visit.

Much love,

Title: Waiting For a Hero
Author: catch22girl
Spoilers: s4 promos
Summary: Pre-s4. An intimate moment. Gift fic for Kiera.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. They belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

Jack/Audrey fic for Kiera

Jack's chest was marked with scars. Shallow and deep, burn marks and other symptoms of a life he used to lead. One was a line over his heart.

Audrey was surprised the first time she saw them, but he wasn't ashamed or embarrassed, he barely seemed to notice they were there. Her husband, on the other hand, had a perfect body, worked on it every day and she was sure the women he slept with appreciated the effort.

After she met Jack, an affair wasn't a choice but a necessity. Part of the excitement was the illicitness of their actions. Working with him every day, meeting with her father, watching Jack pretend to ignore her - those were all elements of foreplay. She never knew when he'd brush against her or touch her in a way that made it difficult to think for the rest of the day.

Don't fall in love, she told herself as they spent more time together and she needed him more and more. Her mind tried to listen but her heart was gone, drawn to him although she knew there were things she'd never understand about him.

She'd have to be deaf not to hear the rumors and facts about his life. Those whispers included that he was an admitted heroin addict, hired killer for the government, ruthless, and violent. But she'd never met that man, could not imagine him existing in those warm eyes and gentle caresses.

The only proof of this other person were the scars and that tattoo on the inside of his left arm. The tattoo, he tried to hide, it was something that did make him feel ashamed.

A tattoo of a religious figure was incongruous to his personality in a way that demanded explanation. It also served as a reminder that no matter how intimately she knew every inch of his body a part of him was locked off to her.

"Why do you have that tattoo?" she asked one night, leaning her head against his neck and moving her fingertips over his chest.

"Part of my last undercover assignment," he answered and held her closer.

"Was it dangerous?" A stupid question judging from how he looked away from her.

"Yes, but that part of my life is over now," he whispered, rolling over and kissing her neck in a way that made her squirm. He began moving down her body, his hands on her hips, trying to distract her.

"What was it like?" Her dad had been in special forces but never talked about details, she only knew bits and pieces about his experiences and as she spoke more to Jack, told him her secrets, she wished she knew more of his.

He looked up, "You really want to know? Because if we talk about it, I'm not going to be able to continue this." He slid his hand over her stomach, and she tensed in anticipation.

"That's not fair," she whispered, wrapping her leg around his, pulling him closer.

"So you made up your mind?" he smirked, moving his hand lower.

"I want to know," she said and he seemed to search her face for a better answer.

She was surprised when he touched her cheek and shifted to the other side of the bed.

"Jack?" she sat up, confused.

"It's not a good memory. I can't even tell you most of it because it's classified," he laughed. "That's kind of amusing, Driscoll pushed me out of CTU and my actions are still their property." He sobered and folded his arms over his chest. "I excelled at undercover work, there was nothing I wouldn't do for the mission, but that last one, it almost destroyed me."

She moved closer to him, draping one leg over his and kissing him because something in his voice told her this story might be too personal. She couldn't stand seeing him in pain. A sign that she was falling, although she told herself that Jack Bauer was the last man on earth that she should love. The tale he was about to share she knew would hurt him to tell.

His hands reached up to cup her face and she shut her eyes, holding him against her, wrapping her legs around his waist.

'I love you,' she thought. 'I don't care about what you've done.'

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Very nice.


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