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Dec. 14th, 2004 11:25 pm
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Merry Christmas Dear! I hope you like it.




Title: Blue Christmas
Author: Catch22girl
Summary: Christmas during the separation. Pre-s1. A gift for Steph.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine, belong to FOX and Real Time Productions.

"Dad's here!" Kim jumped up and ran out the door, leaving her aunt in mid-sentence.

Carol looked over at Teri and shook her head. "I was talking to her,"

Teri adjusted the neck of her sweater and took a sip of wine. "She's been like that lately. She really misses her dad."

"And she still blames you, sis?"

"Of course she does. Because nothing is ever Jack's fault." Teri put her glass on the counter with enough force that she was surprised it didn't shatter.

"I'm surprised he's here."

"He's spending today with his brother and just stopped by to see Kim."

"Not you?"

Teri looked down, "We haven't really been talking. God, Carol, we were supposed to talk, to work things out. That was the entire idea and instead he's drifting further away."

"What about Phil? From what you've said he seems nice. Dependable, doesn't work extremely insane hours, can talk to you about his job..."

"Carol! We didn't separate because I fell out of love with him, we separated because I can't live with him anymore. Not when he keeps shutting me out and I really thought by now things would be better."

Carol touched her hand, "Sis, he's never going to change. You know that."

Teri heard voices coming up the driveway.

"Just come in for a second," Kim was saying as she opened the door.

Jack looked tired but still handsome. He wore the cream colored sweater Teri had bought him and jeans. When he saw her he smiled.

She moved from behind the island and leaned in to kiss his cheek because it felt like the right thing to do. Her sister looked surprised.

"Merry Christmas," she said, pulling back.

His hands reached to touch her but he stopped himself and instead rested them on the counter. "Merry Christmas," he said.

Looking at him, Teri felt that same pull she always did, the one that made it so difficult to ask him to leave in the first place. He had told her he was working through something but months had passed and nothing changed and she felt like she was living alone and forgot what it was like to have her husband actually present in their lives. She came to the conclusion that it might be easier if he left - at least until he was willing to talk She remembered sitting next to him and asking him to tell her what was wrong and he just answered work was stressful and refused to elaborate. At that point, Teri was having better conversations with her pilow.

"Can dad stay?" Kim asked. She always had her own agenda and reasons for acting.

"Kimberly -- "

"Sweetheart -- "

They started answering at the same time.

"Well, can he?"

Jack gave Teri a helpless glance and turned to Kim. "Sweetheart, they're expecting me at Uncle Jim's."

"But you're always here for Christmas!"

"Kimberly, we talked about this," Teri started.

"I don't care. Can I go with you dad?"

"Your mom needs you here,"

"I don't want to be here! I want to go with you! I don't want to spend any more time here! Why did you have to leave?" She ran off and slammed her door.

"I'm sorry about that," Jack apologized as if Kim's behavior was his fault.

"No, holidays are difficult when your parents..."

Teri's mom and dad had divorced years earlier, she knew how it felt. Even now depending on their relationship she couldn't invite her parents to the same event. That's why Carol was here helping early. Which was in a small part why she resisted what she knew had to happen for so long, not wanting to put her own daughter through the same situation.

"I'll go talk to Kim," Carol volunteered, moving past her sister and down the hall.

Which left them alone for the first time in weeks.

"I -- "she tried to begin but stopped because she couldn't speak and they used to talk about so many things but now even polite conversation was beyond them. Words slid around in her mind: I miss you, I love you, I wish everything was different, I only wanted you to talk to me.

"I should probably go," he said.

She nodded but could not miss his longing gaze.

"Tell her she has me for New Year's Day."

"She'll like that," a small smile remembering how they used to sit on the couch together watching the game and Kim liked football because it reminded her of chess.

He paused, as if debating about what he was going to say, but Jack wasn't the cautious type and although he was withdrawn about everything else he was always honest about how he felt towards people. "You know that I love you both and -- "

"I do, but it's not enough."

He nodded. "I just remembered, I forgot Kim's present in the car."

Jack probably could have run out of the house faster, but she wasn't sure how it would be possible.

Teri closed her eyes and resisted the voice that was telling her to make it work, ask him to stay, forget about their problems.

He came back carrying a large box and Teri jumped to open the door.

"It's a TV. I thought she could use one."

Great, because what Kim really needed was another reason to stay in her room.

There was also an envelope on top of the box. "What's that?"

"Tickets to see some band she was talking about last week."

A band that Kim had never mentioned to her. Teri let him pass, remembering all over again why they couldn't live together.

She poured more wine into her glass and heard Kim's happy shout of "Dad!"

It was going to be a long day.

Date: 2004-12-14 08:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is fabulous, hon! Very real. You know how much I like filling in those holes we never saw on-screen. ;) It's a perfect gift. Thank you very much!
(deleted comment)

Date: 2004-12-15 02:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Beautiful, babe! The family (hah. It really is weird to employ that word for them. *look*) is very in character. :)

Date: 2004-12-15 04:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Still not in bed. *sheepishgrin* Great work, very good! :) It felt *very* real. The tension between Jack and Teri, Kim's behaviour. I'm glad you're writing more Teri now. :) Because, like with Kim, you have such a great way to write her. :)

Date: 2004-12-16 01:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm sad enough to ship Jack with anyone. *lol* But Jack/Teri is my OTP, I guess. :)

Well, Kim has to be mean in Pre-S1. I'm sure she wasn't like that before her dad moved out. But Teri and Jack were so good with hiding problems from her, that it looked like her mom was the evil one, asking him to leave. So she has to be mean (which she still is in the beginning of S1). If you want her to be in character she can't be best friend with her mom.

And yes, I went to bed straight afterwards. :)

Date: 2012-02-11 01:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love this story. It was amazing. You write all of them so good. I think you are an Amazing writer.

I love pre season one fics and all of yours are soo good.

Jack and Teri are my favorite paring in 24. Just love them.

I hope you write more stories like this.


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